ACTECH V300-650 VSI Crushers

Process 300TPH to 650TPH

The ACTECH VSI V300 to V650 Crushers are the workhorses of the VSI line. With units having through put from 300TPH up to 650TPH and taking feed size material up 8”, these units flat perform. Multiple configurations within the range will all you to use your machine as a secondary or tertiary crusher. The versatility of the ACTECH VSI line cannot be matched. You will be able to get more crushing capacity for your money as well as increase the crushing gradation range of your output.
Gradation Control

Control the size of your product yield with full gradation control via customization tables and impellers.

Simple Maintenance

With unitized construction, easily adjustable features and modular oil lube systems, our VSI’s are easy to maintain and service.

High Fracture Percentage

Our VSI line offers a high fracture percentage, mitigating the need for double and triple processing.

High Product Yield

Our products have a high product yield , mitigating the amount of waste product production.

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic lid lifter
  • Modular oil lube system
  • 46” Diameter impeller table with 3, 4, 5 or 6 shoes
  • Max HP required 800. Min HP required 400.
  • Maximum feed size depending on RPM 6”
  • Maximum RPM depending on feed size 1050.
  • Maximum though put tonnage depending on feed size and installed horse power 650.
  • Two-year factory warranty.

Product Benefits

  • Cubical particle shape
  • Gradation control
  • Simple maintenance
  • High product yield
  • Non-plugging crushing chamber
  • High fracture percentage
  • Variable reduction ratios
  • Heavy duty design