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ACTECH conveyor systems

At Actech we design and manufacture all types of conveyors and systems, for aggregate and mining, ship loading and unloading, recycling and any type of material processing and movement. 

We have standard product as well as custom design conveyors for every application as well as large overland systems. Our standard stackable 36” conveyors are one of the heaviest on the market and are designed to fit 8 on a truck load, they are available in 40, 50 and 60 feet long. 

Overland conveyor systems

Overland conveyor systems can efficiently move material at a much lower cost than haul trucks.

And in most cases have a lower capitol cost. Overland conveyors do not require multiple operators and require no fuel, tires, or routine maintenance as often as earth moving equipment. 

Actech has successful designed and installed many overland conveyor systems,Ranging from 300 to 3000 tons per hour. We have developed many key relationships with other manufacturers of conveyor belt, conveyor components and power transmission components that give us a very competitive edge to supply these systems at an affordable price, we offer different frame, take up and Idler designs to meet your application. if you would like us to quote a system we need to know the following information; feed size, tons per hour, change in elevation, and length or lengths of each section. 

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